Fashion | Pins I Love #1: Dresses & Skirts

I'm just gonna come straight out with it - I love Pinterest. I could spend hours swept up in pretty pictures of gorgeous outfits, beautiful cities, adorable animals and really aesthetically pleasing food. So that led me to think, why not blog about it? I have a lot of Pinterest boards so this series will end up being split up into a fair few categories. But let's crack on with post #1 - skirts and dresses.

Catwalk / Haute Couture:

  1. From Zuhair Murad's F/W 2013 Collection. I just adore the lace detailing, the neckline and the train of this dress - particularly the style in which the train falls.
  2. From Valentino's Spring 2014 collection - I'm not fond of the top of the dress but that is entirely forgotten upon glimpsing that beautiful music-note-clad skirt.
  3. I just really want to own this dress. So much. (And I just followed the link and found out it's not as expensive and haute couture as I'd assumed at £74.22, bye bye wages)
  4. A beautiful dress from Paolo Sebastian's A/W 2015 collection. I love the ballerina look to it and the beautiful little flowers that are featured on all the dresses in this collection.
  5. Another from Paolo Sebastian's A/W 2015 (it's all so gorgeous!). This is one of my favourite dresses ever. The black ribbon on the waist, the faint patterning on the skirt, the lovely neckline and the gorgeous flower detailing all make for one heck of a dress!

  1. Something simple to start with - a classy evening dress that I love the shape and colour of.
  2. A 50s prom dress with gorgeous silver embroidery to compliment the lovely pink skirt and ribbon - I adore how the two colours complement each other here!
  3. All the heart eyes in the world to that shade of turquoise (which also looks lovely with the white).
  4. Alright, I admit it, I'm a sucker for tulle. And poofy skirts in general. I love the gold on the skirt here and the embroidery of the top is so intricate and makes for an overall lovely, as well as versatile, dress.
  5. Not only am I a sucker for tulle but also for pastel colours. That's why I love this little ensemble - a gorgeous white midi-length tulle skirt with a pastel pink top. I also love the pattern on the top, a silhouetted floral print.
  6. This dress is such a beauty, I don't feel it needs much introduction from me.

  1. The white shirt and the shoes really go great with the playsuit here. I love the versatility of this piece - it could be dressed in so many ways to make it work with any season!
  2. A summery pastel shade in a very cute material!
  3. I love the vintage vibe of this dress, and of course the florals because, if you hadn't guessed from my blog's title, I love a good floral print!
  4. A vibrant red with a square neckline, something that you just don't see enough of!
  5. I really like the simplicity of this dress, with its muted shade of peach and its pretty sprinkling of flowers.
  6. Can't beat a loud mix of prints every now and then! And this dress does it so well with a wonderful array of colour to boot!

  1. I love tropical prints like these, they always remind me of summer. Really great pairing it with navy and black - breaking an old fashion 'rule' very stylishly!
  2. Aside from the gorgeous print, my favourite thing about this pin is the applause-worthy co-ordination of the skirt and shoes here!
  3. More florals, more midis! Winners all around!
  4. Another great floral print, and I particularly like the texture of this one.
  5. The pairing of this with the black top and shoes makes for such a classic look, with the bag adding a simple pop of colour to accompany the skirt.
  6. Now this is an inspiring look. The jagged layers of the outfit make for a boho look that's very chic in all its brilliance
  7. Last but not least, a retro-inspired look. I love the seaside print on the skirt and feel it really works well with the simple black cardigan.

I hope you all enjoyed the post today. Which pins caught your eye? Please let me know in the comments below!