Beauty | Natural Collection: My New Favourite Drugstore Lipstick

Recently when shopping in Boot's I noticed the app had an offer for 100 bonus Advantage Card points upon purchasing any Natural Collection product. As I'd never tried any of their products before, and I'm a sucker for lipsticks, I decided to purchase a couple of their Moisture Shine Lipsticks. For £1.99 each with a 100 point bonus, I figured I couldn't go far wrong. I purchased the Biscuit and Cherry Red shades. And I really didn't go far wrong at all.


Neither of the lipsticks have much in the way of colour building as they apply full colour in one swipe. But, both are well-pigmented and live up to their names, feeling moisturising and having a shine to them (as can be seen on my arm above). Biscuit is a simple nude shade that would fit well into an everyday makeup look. Cherry Red is a little more daring of course, being a red, but its undertones of deep pink make for a gorgeous colour. I find it to be a more versatile version of its Crimson sister, being suitable both for going out and for the everyday.

In terms of application, I'm not too fond of the shape of this lipstick. However, this could easily be down to me simply being unused to the shape and just needing a few more tries to get the hang of it.
Despite being very transferrable prior to drying, the lipstick has great staying power for its price. It lasts a decent few hours before needing reapplication and isn't completely wiped out by eating and drinking, unlike many of my more expensive lipsticks.

The Best Part:
Natural Collection products are cruelty-free and use much better ingredients than rivals such as Maybelline, whose equivalent lipsticks contain Carmine (an ingredient obtained by crushing beetles and taking pigments from their bodies), silicones and phthalates. As I've been trying to be more aware of harmful ingredients in my beauty and wash products, I've found ingredients lists on Amber's Beauty Talk and Minimalist Beauty to be of great help and I am happy to have found none of their blacklisted ingredients in my new purchases.

Overall, I highly, highly recommend these lipsticks. Their quality is fantastic for the amount of money they cost and their ingredients are far kinder to skin and the environment than many big brand ingredients. The lipsticks come in a brilliant range of nudes, pinks, berries and reds, which can all be seen on the Boot's website.

Thank you all for reading. Have you ever tried any Natural Collection products? What were your experiences?