Homeware | Home Fragrance: Owlchemy and Heart & Home

In a very early post, I spoke of my love for Yankee Candles. At the time, they were the only home fragrance products I'd ever really used, and something I completely swore by. But through an Owlchemy giveaway on Water Painted Dreams Blog and a subsequent Heart & Home purchase, I discovered wax melts.

Upon winning Hayley's giveaway I was given a choice between the Sunflower design and the Morning Glory design for the Wax Melt Warmer, along with a choice of fragrances. I chose the Sunflower Wax Melt Warmer and the Spring wax melts (consisting of Lily of the Valley, Jasmine and Magnolia)*. This package usually retails at £29.95, with each wax melt block lasting between 20 and 30 hours before losing their smell.
As you may have seen in my A Collection of Hauls, I bought two Heart & Home wax melts from a shop in Dawlish - in Lavender & Sage and Strawberry Ice Cream.

I was incredibly impressed by my Owlchemy wax melts as they filled the whole upstairs of my house with fragrance, without being overwhelmingly pungent at any point. The Heart & Home melts took longer to melt and filled less space with scent but I would put this down to the fact I melted them on a warmer perhaps not the right temperature for this brand's wax. Nevertheless, within my bedroom they generated a lovely scent and were worth the £1.25 I paid.


Being a neutral colour, the warmer fits well into the colour schemes of most homes and also gives a subtle glow to its surrounding with the lightbulb used to heat the wax. It also has a very safe design, with a short cable to prevent you from having dangerous wires strewn all over the floor (tripping and knocking over a bowl of melted wax could be rather nasty!), a stable ceramic base and a dish deep enough to prevent overflow.

Have you tried either of these brands or any other wax melts? What's your opinion on them? I'd love to read your comments!