September Wish List

After last Saturday's What's In My Sidebar? post went through a whole host of products I love (particularly beauty ones), I figure it substitutes this month's monthly favourites. So, as my birthday is at the end of September, I decided now would be a good time to write up a wish list. It features all sorts of things that I really don't need but if I can't be frivolous on my birthday then when can I be?

What's In My Sidebar?

A bit of a different post today, but as a few days ago I added some photo buttons to my sidebar for each posting category, I decided to do a post on the items featured in these photos for anyone interested. Whilst I mostly chose these items based on how good they'd look in the photos, some really great products have ended up making an appearance.

Homeware | Home Fragrance: Owlchemy and Heart & Home

In a very early post, I spoke of my love for Yankee Candles. At the time, they were the only home fragrance products I'd ever really used, and something I completely swore by. But through an Owlchemy giveaway on Water Painted Dreams Blog and a subsequent Heart & Home purchase, I discovered wax melts.

Fashion | Pins I Love #2: More Fashion

Hello all, I'm back with a second instalment of Pins I Love. After filtering through the 648 pins I had dedicated to dresses and skirts in the previous post, it's time to filter through even more fashion boards. This post will consist of trousers, tops, coats, and all their variants!

Food | Baker Days Letterbox Cake: Review & Giveaway

In our busy lives, sometimes we need to treat ourselves and others. So when Baker Days got in touch about reviewing their Letterbox Cake here on Life In Florals, I was delighted. Delighted not only at the prospect of free cake*, but also at what I found on their website. The company offer a huge range of cakes for every occasion - birthdays, christenings, engagements, you name it.
What really struck me though were the Say It With A Cake and Love & Friendship categories. I love how they open up the potential to set a trend of buying people cakes 'just because'. Letting cakes be something to show people you appreciate their friendship, as well as being for specifically special occasions.

A Collection of Hauls

Hello all! If you read my recent Travel Diary, you'll have seen my promise of an Exeter haul post. I decided to expand this and add some more purchases, both from elsewhere in Devon and from my home-city of Leicester. Hope you enjoy!

Travel/Fashion | Holiday Lookbook: Devon, UK

Hello all!
I have recently returned from a week's holiday in Devon with my family. We rented a quaint holiday cottage in the village of Trusham, near Newton Abbot and Exeter. Although nothing glamorous, it was a lovely and relaxing way to spend my last week before A-Level results day (which will be the day this post goes live).
As I haven't yet written any outfit posts in the short life of this blog, I figured that as well as telling you about my travels, this would be a great opportunity for a Lookbook too. Hope you enjoy!

Beauty | Natural Collection: My New Favourite Drugstore Lipstick

Recently when shopping in Boot's I noticed the app had an offer for 100 bonus Advantage Card points upon purchasing any Natural Collection product. As I'd never tried any of their products before, and I'm a sucker for lipsticks, I decided to purchase a couple of their Moisture Shine Lipsticks. For £1.99 each with a 100 point bonus, I figured I couldn't go far wrong. I purchased the Biscuit and Cherry Red shades. And I really didn't go far wrong at all.

Fashion | Pins I Love #1: Dresses & Skirts

I'm just gonna come straight out with it - I love Pinterest. I could spend hours swept up in pretty pictures of gorgeous outfits, beautiful cities, adorable animals and really aesthetically pleasing food. So that led me to think, why not blog about it? I have a lot of Pinterest boards so this series will end up being split up into a fair few categories. But let's crack on with post #1 - skirts and dresses.

Entertainment | My Funko POP! Vinyl Collection

Anyone who read my Love/Hate Tag or my Get To Know Me post will know that I have a soft spot for Funko's POP! Vinyl figurines. I currently have 6 and my collection is constantly expanding. I find the products to be a fun and quirky twist on many of my favourite characters, and I feel the brand makes even the most detestable characters look adorable. So I thought I'd do a little round-up of my collection so far. I hope you enjoy it!