Money | The Body Shop: Love Your Body

Hello readers! Welcome to the first of what I hope will grow into a series of loyalty card reviews. I personally am a sucker for loyalty cards and my purse is brimming with them.
Whilst it is often assumed that loyalty cards are completely pointless, I use them most times I go shopping and feel that I get so much back from them. A good example of this is The Body Shop's Love Your Body reward card scheme.

I've had a Love Your Body card for a year now and have found it a great addition to my purse. Although the card costs £5 a year, if you're a fan of The Body Shop, it's more than worth it. As well as 10% off all purchases, you receive a free gift just for joining the scheme. In your birth month you get another free gift, of up to £5 (or a £5 discount on a purchase).

Each time you spend £10 in The Body Shop (after the 10% discount has been applied) your card is stamped. Four stamps get you a free gift worth up to £5 and eight stamps get you a free gift worth up to £10. On my 8th stamp, I bought the Mandarin & Tangelo Body, Room & Linen Spritz, the Green Tea & Lemon Body, Room & Linen Spritz (both at £7) and the £10 Skinny Felt Liner. After £10 off then a further 10% discount, my total of £24 dropped down to £12.60 - a bargain!

Better than a points system?
Boot's Advantage Card boasts the most generous points system in the UK, at 4 pence earnt back for every £1 spent. Thus, if you were to spend £80 in Boot's you would, theoretically, rack up £3.20 in Advantage points - which is considerably less than the £15 worth of free gifts you would receive upon spending £80 in The Body Shop (on 8 separate occasions). However, this comparison does not consider the bonus offers from Boot's such as '100 points when purchasing a lipstick'. The Body Shop also has the disadvantage that if you spent more than £10 in a transaction, you would still only get one stamp and reversely, if you spent £9, for example, the temptation would be to buy something you didn't initially want to cover the extra £1 needed for a stamp. On the other hand, Boot's Advantage, and most other points systems, reward every £1 spent.

Yay or nay?
Whether or not you deem it better than a points system depends on your personal preferences. But whatever the answer, I would still consider this card to be worth the money, with the £5 spent on it being earned back with your welcome gift. I've loved having the loyalty card in my purse and feel I've saved tons of money at The Body Shop. Only trouble is... it becomes a good excuse to spend too much!

I hope you enjoyed the post today. I'll be posting every Monday or Thursday at noon so please do check back. What is your favourite loyalty card? Let me know in the comments!