Life | Love/Hate Tag

Hello! Today I'm doing the Love/Hate tag, which I was nominated for by Kirsty at The idea of the tag is to list 10 things I love and 10 things I hate, then nominate 10 people to do the same.
So, in no particular order - here goes!

10 Things I Love:
  1. London
  2. Funko Pop! Vinyls
  3. Converse
  4. History
  5. Musicals (especially Les Mis and Chicago!)
  6. Lipstick
  7. Pretty stationery
  8. Dresses and skirts
  9. Leather-look jackets
  10. Feeling organised

10 Things I Hate:
  1. Seeing something get reduced in price after you've bought it
  2. The disappointment of lovely clothing just not fitting quite right
  3. Injections/needles
  4. The Dentist
  5. Getting lost
  6. Too hot or too cold weather (I'm a bit of a Goldilocks)
  7. Sour sweets (unless I'm watching someone else eat them. Hehehe)
  8. Being stuck behind slow-walking people
  9. When my vouchers expire without getting used
  10. Brushing my hair after a windy day - ouch! :(
My 10 Nominees:
  1. Molly Daydreams
  2. Handmade Krista
  3. Dillydrops
  4. Rogue Vogue
  5. The Flower That Blooms
  6. Single Mother Ahoy
  7. Teatoastandtelly
  8. Bumpkin Broke
  9. Dandelion Blue
  10. Helena's Teabreak