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Recently, in Waterstones, I stumbled across a range of products entitled 'Litographs'. These make a wonderful gift for any book lovers with a bit of wall space to fill and are available for a range of classic novels.

As I am a huge fan of the musical and am currently reading the novel, I purchased a print for Les Misérables. It came in a neat, cream-coloured frame and has a cardboard panel at the back to support the paper on which the print is. My one criticism of the product would be that these layers (i.e. the frame, the print and the cardboard panel) are not fastened together in anyway and, upon removing the product from its wrapper, you have to be very careful to keep everything aligned. For now, I have opted to keep the product in its clear packaging until I get round to purchasing a picture frame for it, both to keep the layers together and to stop the image getting dusty, marked, or damaged in any other way.

These 'Litographs' can be found in Waterstones, retail at £9.95 and come in some absolutely lovely designs.

Thank you for reading! I'd love to read your comments on your favourite decorative prints, your favourite novels or just your thoughts on the post.